1st place - $500

2nd place -$200

3rd place -$100

Audience choice award - No cash prize 


Mark Vogelsang
Over the past 24 years, it has been Mark Vogelsang’s job to design unique soundscapes that exceed a filmmaker’s vision and captivate audiences from around the globe. Mark’s sound design has been heard at every major film festival, earning him a Gemini Award, Sound Design Distinction awards in the US, and most recently, a Best Sound Award from the ISFMA board that includes Oscar winners Randy Thom (Wall-E, Harry Potter, The Revenant), Richard King (Dunkirk, Interstellar, Inception) and Michael Minkler (Tron, Django Unchained, Into the Wild). An active volunteer in the local sound community, as both a technical engineer and creative storyteller, Mark professionally holds the titles of Program Director at OIART and Supervising Sound Designer in the Ontario region. He has worked on productions for Marvel Studios, Universal Pictures, CBC, Shaftesbury Films and many more.
Janelle Blankenship
Professor Blankenship is an Associate Professor of Film Studies in Arts & Humanities at Western. Her publications include an anthology on new European cinema and essays on avant-garde film, modernist media fantasies, and German film history. As a film historian, she is interested in exploring linkages between contemporary digital cinema and earlier precinematic technologies.  She recently started collecting magic lantern slides and movie memorabilia.
Romy Goulem
Romy is the Coordinator of the Advanced Filmmaking Program at Fanshawe College and an independent filmmaker.