1. Only students enrolled in a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution are allowed to enter.

  2. Submissions must be produced, directed and edited by students.

  3. Submissions must be filmed on a smartphone (any brand).

  4. Submissions must be created during the period between theme release and film submission.

  5. Submission must not have been released (e.g., on the internet, on television, etc.) prior to the festival.

  6. Non-students may be used as actors as long as they are directed by post-secondary students.

  7. The submission must not exceed ten minutes in length, including credits.

  8. All editing software is allowed (e.g., editing software is not restricted to software available on smartphones).

  9. Each submission must incorporate the theme in some way.

  10. All non-English films must have English subtitles.

  11. The film must not exceed a 14A rating (mild language, mild sexual themes and violence, mild blood and gore).

  12. Sound quality must be clear 


Registration and Deadlines:


$15 per entry


All filmmakers must be registered before the due date. Late registrations/submissions will not be allowed. Entry fees will not be refunded.

Final films must be submitted by February 1st, 2021.  


Film Submission Format:


  1. All films must be in the highest resolution file possible (no compressed files).

  2. All films must be either in .mov or .mp4 format.

  3. Raw files may be requested to confirm that the film was shot on a smartphone.

  4. All submissions must include the director (and team members if applicable) name and photo, a summary of the film, film length and contact information (email address, phone number, etc).




By registering for WSFF you

            a) agree to the official rules of the festival and decisions made by the jury

            b) give WSFF the right to use the student(s)’s name, likeness, his/her school or  affiliation, statements and photographs provided by the student or taken during the festival for                        promotional and publicity purposes with no additional compensation to the participant

            c) give WSFF non-exclusive right and license to use, reproduce, modify, publish, screen,                broadcast, and distribute the film as well as the unrestricted use of the film for any purpose indefinitely, without compensation to the provider of the film.




Submissions must contain only original material unless written permission is required. This includes but is not limited to:

            - copyrighted music (highly encourage royalty-free music or own creation)

            - third party trademarks 

            - no copyrighted visuals

  1. If copyrighted material is used written consent must be given by the owner and attached to the film submission.

  2. By submitting your film, you are declaring the film is original or you obtained proper legal permission to use copyrighted material.

  3. All liability for copyright infringement lies on the filmmaker(s) submitting the film.